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The mansion Tsepelovo situated in altitude 1200 feet seems like a proud rigging the granite massif of Tymfi. Tsepelovo is dominant and an integral member of Zagoria and is the largest of the44 villages. Located in the center of national park of Northern Pindos,45 km away from the airport of Ioannina, 120 km from the port of Igoumenitsa. Nature generously gave to this place, excess beauty beauty and the people who lived here were competing in the nature of artistry. Tsepelovo has a remarkable tourist infrastructure with many options and choices in accommodation, food and fun.

Wandering around the village by clicking on the footsteps of generations who lived and worked in this place we will find houses that survived the time (Radou mansion now Bourbon, the Volos now Ferentinos, Liapis, Papazoglou, Kontofoti Tsoumani currently etc.) Stone built roads (streets) lined radically converge in the central square where in the past but also in the present is the benchmark events and social occasions like the feast of the fifteenth of August weekend. Right of central church is Tsoufleio pharmacy and the grave of poet John Vilaras. Tsepelovo is the birthplace of Constantine Radou which has inspired the idea of founding the Philiki Etaireia, is the birthplace of national benefactors Tsoufli Anastasiou, John Dumas and George Bika in, and the family Demetrious and Marika Kotopouli.


Saint Nicholas ...

The hexagon bell tower height of 16 meters dominates the square, causing the visitor to visit the famous central church of St. Nicholas which is a monument of Orthodox The Church with domed basilica was renovated in 1753 and was painted in 1786 με τρούλους, ανακαινίσθηκε το 1753 και αγιογραφήθηκε το 1786 by the masters Kapesovo painters. There is no inch of the surface which has not been accepted the caress of the painters and rich color variation with the brilliance of color has spread to 12 domes, 16arches and on the walls of the temple making inspired compositions, masterpieces of orthodoxy.


The nature ...

Forested and bare mountainscliffs and gorgesalpine lakes at altituderare vegetation with shelters of endangered animals and elaborate traditional houses, mansions, churches, monasteries, fountains, paths, bridges, mills feature natural and human environment making Tsepelovo and Zagorohoria ideal place to visit for nature lovers, walkers and lovers of mountain adventure each season.