Suggestions for walks and visits by car or on foot depending on the weather on mood and physical state:

  • Tsepelovo - single Rogovou - Canyon Rogovo
  • Tsepelovo - Skamneli - Gyftokampos - Sarakatsaniki sheepfold - Vrisohori
  • Tsepelovo - Monodendri - Elafotopo - Aristi - Papigo
  • Tsepelovo-Gyftokampos - Vovousa-Flabourari - Leptokaria-Kipoi
  • Tsepelovo - Kapesovo - Vradeto - Beloi
  • Tsepelovo - Koukouli - Kipoi - Negades

The excursions can be made daily and each has a special interest. We enjoy natural beauty and human monuments that characterize Zagorohoria, museums (the gardens rich folklore museum Agapios Tolis. The cocoon museum K. Lazaridis rich collection of plants of the gorge gorge, in the museum Elafotopo Economides)

For those who like hiking there are several routes of varying difficulty. Events include:

  • Crossing the gorge Rogovou Paliogefyro until Gardens, 2 hours for the months July, August, September.
  • Crossing the ravine gorge from the bridge to the village Kokkori vetch, approximately 6 hours for the summer months.
  • Tsepelovo - Drakolimni - Camel, 6 hours in summer.
  • Tsepelovo - Bridges - Negades, 2 hours
  • Tsepelovo - Skala - St.George - Vradeto, 2 hours

Information on tours, hiking, climbing and crossing canyons can be obtained from the owner of the villa.

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