Villa Timfaia

By hewing the stone and wood, materials that abound in Zagoria and with particular sensitivity to the natural and built environment, we created the Timfaia villa. The Timfaia Manor located in Tsepelovo in Ioannina, and comprises a large living room - dining kitchen, three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Majestic and luxurious villa is harmonizes perfectly with the aesthetic and architectural entity of the region. Towers situated on a hill and looks like it sprang from the past when theemigrated Tsepelovo enriching the Danubian countries built the famous mansions Zagoria that saved until today illustrate the region unique monument of historical and architectural heritage.

T sepelovo is dominant and an integral member ofZagoria at an altitude of 1200 meters and is the biggest of 44 villages. Located in the center of the national park of Northern Pindos, 45 km away from the airport of Ioannina and 120 km from the port of Igoumenitsa.

Πρώτη κάμερα
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Tourist Villas Timfaia
Ferentinos Ioannis - Tsepelovo Zagoria
Ioannina - Greece
Tel. 6944 572029 - 26530 81011